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Rare Vesuvianite (Idocrase) Pendant

Rocky's Crystals & Minerals

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Vesuvianite and Idocrase are members of the Sorosilicate family. Other family members include Epidote and Zoisite. Vesuvianite is a stone of soothing, and of restoration and cooperation.  To touch this stone while in tune with its energy is instantly calming. It touches the heart, the spirit and personal truth while allowing one to remain confidently grounded. Its composition is primarily of Calcium, with secondary Magnesium and Iron. Its metaphysical properties are more focused for clearing, cleansing and restorative work than for balancing or energizing. Vesuvianite can be cleansed or charged using almost all methods including short baths in sunlight, water or moonlight, and burial in mineral salt or soil.

Approximate Size: 1" each / Silver Plated over Metal 

Please reference picture as an example of the product. All stones will vary based on its natural occurring shape, color and variation given by mother earth.