Shamanic Healing Meditation Journeying Workshop

Rocky's Crystals & Minerals

$ 25.00

Saturday, February 18, 2017


FREE Lavender & White Sage Smudging Bundle Included!

Shamanic Journeying is a simple, ancient practice of meditation and finding answers. It can feel like a light trance – one that you are totally conscious in. It feels more powerful than just a normal meditation because it is a Journey – you feel yourself move into it, and back, and often get lessons or visions during it. It is a way you can connect with your highest self and your guides. It’s earthy & born from ancient traditions, and often uses drumming to aid the journey.

Participants are initiated into shamanic journeying, aided by drumming, sound healing and other techniques for experiencing the shamanic state of consciousness and for awakening dormant spiritual abilities, including connections with Nature.

WHAT TO BRING. (Optional but recommended) -- Please bring a mat,  favorite crystal, rattle and/or a drum if you have one. Wear comfortable clothing, warm socks, and bring a bandanna or eye mask, blanket, pen and notebook to record your journey.

Workshop Location:

Rocky's Crystals & Minerals

559 Bloomfield Avenue

Montclair, NJ 07042

FREE Lavender & White Sage Smudging Bundle Included!


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