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Strawberry Quartz Massage Wand/Point

Rocky's Crystals & Minerals

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Strawberry Quartz helps to amplify intentions of love, gratitude and generosity, and may radiate those vibrations outward.  Some wear Strawberry Quartz when trying to attract a soul-mate. However, be aware that “soul-mate” doesn't mean “exactly like yourself”.  Often, our soul-mates are those people who can really test us and show us where we need work. Known as a stone of transition, Lepidolite helps to shift and restructure old energy patterns, bringing light and hope to a situation. Use Lepidolite to help reduce stress associated with change. Lepidolite helps to bring balance and inner peace, helping one to see reasons behind any negative experiences, so they may improve on them.

Size: Approx. 3" each

Quantity: 1 

Please reference picture as an example of the product. All stones will vary based on its natural occurring shape, color and variation given by mother earth.