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The Ultimate Crystal Energy Cleansing Beginner's Kit

Rocky's Crystals & Minerals

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Looking for crystals and the tools needed to create a positive energy environment cleared of negative energy? This kit will get you started with all the right crystals for elevation in your life and just bringing positive vibes all around!

Stones included: Abalone Shell 4”, Rough Amethyst Cluster 2”, Rough Rose Quartz - 1", Small Rough Quartz Cluster/Point - 1”


Use your abalone shell to burn your sage and clear any negative, stagnant energy in your home. Make sure you have several windows open in your home or office while doing So for the release of negative energy and the infusion of positive energy. Thereafter, let the sage smoke cleanse your crystals with a positive affirmation. Charge your crystals on your window sill for the hugest vibrations and your all set!

Size and color may vary depending on selection available and tumbled or rough stones will be substituted based upon in stock quantities.